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3 minutes read

Don’t Have Much Skill And Money To Start A Business? This Idea Will Definitely Help You

| Published on October 1, 2017

Everyone is busy nowadays and no matter how much planning we do there is always a shortage of time especially in the metro cities where a lot of time is wasted in traveling. Who doesn’t like to eat homemade food but the problem in cooking at home is it takes a lot of time. We have decided to share a business plan to solve this problem. Cutting vegetables takes most of the time in cooking and if someone can provide fresh veggies cut into perfect shapes as needed, it can work wonders both in terms of profit and value to the customer. Following are some things kept in mind regarding this business.

What all is needed for this startup?

Well, not much but you will need a shop for cutting vegetables and fruits, if you want to store some already cut veggies then you can buy a fridge for it. Get a phone number to get your orders and also market your page on Facebook by making a page on it, you can have online orders from this page. Buy some amount of the vegetables and fruits that you need, you can also keep the option for customers to bring their own stuff for cutting if they want. Also, don’t forget to have some sharp knives and vegetable cutters as your equipment.

Problems you can face


1)Knowledge of the products: You must have the knowledge of vegetables and fruits in order to serve them to consumers. i.e variety, shelf life, shape, and color of every product you are cutting.
2) Quality of products: This is the most important factor in this business if you are selling a vegetable which is not fresh it can reduce a lot of nutrients in that product so be careful.
3)Service: Don’t take too much time, as whoever wants it is already someone who has a shortage of time.
4)Price: Keep your margins very affordable initially in order to grab customers. Once you impress them you can expand this to other places for more profits.

Varieties you can provide


You can provide a lot of varieties in the shape and size of the cutting you provide, be a little innovative here and use both basic cuttings such as halved, quartered and dices along with some special designs like julienne, brunoise, and chiffonade.

So, this was about the vegetable and fruits cutting business that can be started with very less amount and can grow up to millions if you focus on the quality of service, do comment if you have such business idea so that we can share them.

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