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Don’t Know What Is Mutual Fund? Here’s A Life Saving Guide For You

| Published on May 19, 2022

An investment plan is a tool that will help you save money for future requirements without creating burdens on your current expenses. And for this purpose, people invest in several savings and investment schemes. One such investment scheme is mutual funds. Investing in the best mutual funds can help you obtain a return higher than any other investment mode. Read on to know more about what is mutual funds investment and some necessary things to consider before investing in them.

Don't Know What Is Mutual Fund? Here's A Life Saving Guide For You

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What is Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are a category of securities investment. But rather than the investor purchasing securities, the fund manager of the mutual funds purchases the securities. So, the investor pays a pre-decided amount at regular intervals, and the fund manager invests that amount into different equities, commodities, futures, or directly into companies.

Earlier, investors in India did not know which securities the fund manager purchased with their money. But now, after the government intervention through the master circular for mutual funds, the fund manager has to inform the investor on which sector they invest the money in, and the investor can change the sector if they want to.

How Do the Best Mutual Funds Help You?

After knowing what is mutual funds, you must also know how it helps you. The major help from a mutual fund is the high returns from it. These high returns are only possible due to the diversity of mutual funds’ investments. Knowledgeable and experienced fund managers always invest money into a diverse portfolio to reduce the risks and maximize the returns.

Mutual funds are always profitable in the long run, so they often come under the long-term investment category. Through the high returns over the years, you can pay for any expected or unexpected expense in the future. It provides you with a safety net if any financial trouble befalls you. Thus, keeping you from debts or bankruptcy.

Things To Consider Before Investing in Mutual Funds

As seen in every investment scheme, mutual funds also have some things to consider before investing. These considerations will help you make a wise decision and make the most out of your investment. Below are five major things that you must ensure in mutual funds before investing in them.

Risk Level

Every mutual fund has its own risk level. Common risk levels are low risk, medium risk, and high risk. Each of these risks also has subcategories, but you can get an idea of the risk from the major categories. In high-risk mutual funds, the chances of obtaining returns are very low, but if they have returns, they are among the highest returns available. Similarly, there is a guarantee on the returns for low-risk mutual funds, but they will be lower in comparison. So, it is advisable to choose the risk level based on your risk appetite.

Don't Know What Is Mutual Fund? Here's A Life Saving Guide For You

Image Source: Shutterstock

Track Record

The track record of any mutual fund shows its rate of returns over the years. A track record is an excellent tool to predict the fund’s returns from its past performance. But it is not a sure shot method as several factors make a mutual fund profitable. And any lapse in any one of those factors will cause it to underperform contrary to the past performance. The only thing you can surely know from the track record is the consistency of returns rather than the projected return rates.

The fund manager controls the asset allocation of your mutual funds. So, it is important to know whether the fund manager is efficient enough to make such wise and calculated decisions. As the investor has no say in the asset allocation other than the sector of investment, you must choose a fund manager who can allocate your funds to profitable products.


The diversity of your portfolio helps reduce any risks in the mutual funds, which will, in turn, secure your financial future. So, make sure that the mutual funds you select allow investment into multiple sectors and multiple securities.

Mutual Funds Agency

Sometimes there are no fixed fund managers for mutual funds, and the investment company has several professionals handling the business. It would also benefit you if you found out more details about the agency. Their key people’s profiles, stakeholders, past years’ profits, and financial conditions help know the agency’s reliability.

Now that you have read about what is mutual funds and their precautions, you won’t have any trouble investing in them. They are one of the best investment methods as you don’t have to research or decide on the equities or securities to invest your money in. They can become a great part of SIP, and the returns are always meant to increase as you invest a set amount each month. So, invest in the best mutual funds to get high returns and financially secure yourself and your dependents.

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