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Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka Trump Gets Trolled For Endorsing A Brand

| Published on July 21, 2020

It is no surprise that US President Donald Trump makes headlines wherever he goes, and whatever he does. This time, he has earned his popularity for another thing, which definitely did not go well with Twitter! His family and him have been heavily endorsing the brand, Goya, which was apparently being boycotted by many fans due to the brand’s CEO praising Trump at an initial stage.

Donald Trump’s social media team has been posting pictures of him on Instagram, Twitter and other social media handles with the Goya product on the table.


In addition to this, his daughter Ivanka Trump also shared a picture of herself with Goya’s can of black beans.

They have been getting quite the backlash since its against Government norms for officials to endorse any brand.It is a violation of the United States Office of Government Ethics, and the audience on Twitter did not leave them to rest! Here’s how it went,

Some fans took a nasty dig at the father-daughter duo which was very evident through their tweets, and they did not hesitate in letting the world know about the same!

Some clever fans tried to photoshop the Goya can of beans to make the response witty and amusing. Like a fan pointed out, the meme games begin!


What do you think about this move by the Trumps?

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