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2 minutes read

Donald Joshi Gets People’s Attention For JP Infra’s New Project By Creating Curiosity

| Published on March 25, 2020

During the last few days, Donald Joshi has managed to catch the attention of people living in Mumbai. He can be seen everywhere on the roads and even on websites with banner ads. Cenceptulized by Alchemist Marketing Solutions agency for JP Infra to promote its new project named ‘Codename Now or Never’, Donald Joshi has managed to create curiosity in the minds of people.

The idea behind creating Donald Joshi’s character was to be unique and stand out from other real estate brands that commonly use similar-looking stock images for promotions. Also, the aim of using this name is to be relatable yet make it difficult for viewers to guess who he really is.

Targeting the middle-class audience saves money to invest in real estate, OOH medium has been used well in this campaign. One can see multiple billboards across Mahim to Chakala stretch targeting Western suburban to Virar to Mira road.

After seeing the ads everywhere, as expected, people started searching about Donald Joshi and ended up visiting to know more about him.

Launched in 2 phases, the campaign had a teaser with lines like ‘Donald Joshi is flying to London’ and ‘Donald Joshi brought a swanky new car’ talking about the dreams of Donald Joshi along with a message ‘Watch this space to know how’. The second phase has ads with text ‘All because Donald Joshi saved 15 lacs by investing their economical property project’ showcasing how Donald Joshi fulfilled his dreams with the help of JP Infra.

This surely is an interesting way to make people talk about your brand and JP Infra implemented it perfectly.

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