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‘Dollar’ Rebrands In A New Look With Akshay Kumar

| Published on June 1, 2020

Dollar Industries is a Kolkata based brand that has become popular due to Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s long term association with it. The clothing line sells vests and undergarments and has recently revealed a new look with a fresh identity. The company’s new tagline spells out ‘Wear The Change #DollarBadalGaya’.  The advertisement also features the Managing Director of Dollar Industries, Vinod Kumar Gupta.

What Does Dollar’s Revamped Logo signify?

This rebranding initiative brought out by Dollar Industries had the digital presence of both the Managing Director as well as Akshay Kumar. There are two phases to it: one entailing the old logo and the other having the new one, as shown below.

Akshay Kumar mentions how his association with the brand since a decade has been exciting and he was honoured to be a part of this new digital revelation. The pandemic has left many industries in shambles and a little goes a long way in bringing about cooperation and change. Vinod Kumar Gupta, the Managing Director of Dollar Industries said that his initiative brings about a new look for the clothing as well as the knitwear industry. The new brand logo brings about a dynamism as it keeps up with the changing trends of today during desperate times. The ‘D’ of Dollar is knitted which symbolises the specifications of the line.

We really hope that the brand’s simplification of its look will definitely bring a positive change for the industry in the days to come.

Source: Media 4 Growth

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