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Doctor Posts Job Vacancy With Powerpoint Presentation To Get A Date

| Published on September 15, 2020

Dating someone does not need to be too difficult, however, a little effort is always appreciated. While we live in an age where connecting with someone and swiping left or right helps us accept or reject someone, this doctor from Malaysia went full throttle in finding a date for himself! He wanted a date for himself and how did he go about it? By listing his requirements in a PowerPoint presentation – not exactly old school, but something worth watching!

In a twitter post, Dr. Muhammad Naquib listed out the reasons why a suitable someone could date him. He shared images of his slides listing out his interests, qualities, pros and cons. We believe he might be the ideal guy for many women with a sweet tooth since he loves baking and will definitely make his woman laugh a lot. He is the romantic guy who is just the perfect blend of witty, funny and also naps a lot! Free cuddles all the time.

What is interesting to note is that he does not want too much from his significant other! Someone who would laugh at his jokes and be herself all the times are the two primary requirements that he is interested in. Further, he also denotes how his woman will be showered with gifts and get an extra something like a ‘birthday discount or hamper’ of sorts if she dates him. He insists on having a probationary period of one to three months to see if the two of them would be compatible enough or not.

This is not your typical job resume, but for the ones who adore humour and are looking to have a fun time with a humble soul, you know where to go!

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Have you met someone yet who had a fun way of introducing himself or herself and finally ended up dating you?

Source: News18

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