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Disney Completes One Of the Biggest Ever Deals With Fox To Take On Netflix

| Published on March 20, 2019

Netflix has been the game changer for the entertainment sector in recent years. There are so many things such as quality original content, advertisement-less model, engaging UI and marketing strategies that make Netflix stand out of the crowd.


Knowing all this, things will change in coming years as Disney has closed one of the biggest deals ever with 21st Century Fox at a price of $71 billion.

Big shows and channels involved in this deal


  • For those who don’t know, Fox is the name behind popular shows including “The Simpsons” and X-Men. After purchasing Fox, Disney will be able to add X-Men and Deadpool.
  • The acquisition involves whole Rupert Murdoch’s entertainment business that unites franchises including Cinderella, Star Wars among many more.
  • As part of the deal, Disney will hold control over the Fox film and TV studios, the FX networks, National Geographic and the Indian TV giant Star India.

Future plans

  • The Walt Disney Company is planning to launch its new streaming service named Disney Plus later this year. With this, Disney is eyeing to compete better with companies such as Amazon and Netflix for viewers’ attention.
  • Disney has already cleared its intentions by boosting some quality content including its classic cartoons, Star Wars and many of the Marvel characters.
  • Also, the current deal with help Disney to advertise its current shows and channels using these new platforms. Distributing content on TV channels, cinemas, streaming services will become easier for Disney.
  • Disney will get valuable data on customers and their entertainment-viewing habits, which it can then use to sell advertising.

If you don’t know, Disney also doubled its 30% stake in streaming service Hulu recently making it by far the biggest stakeholder.

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