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Diljit Dosanjh – The Social Phenomenon That Made 2020 Better

| Published on January 1, 2021

Diljit Dosanjh was trending in the earlier phase of December this year because of his Twitter feud with actress Kangana Ranaut. This was regarding the Farmers’ Protest and the spat that happened between the two celebrities, where Diljeet supported the farmers, mostly hailing from Haryana, from where he belongs. He retaliated to Kangana’s claims and opinions in the best way possible, in Punjabi, which had many people asking for translations.

Apparently, Kangana had misidentified an elderly lady in the Farmer’s Protest as Bilkis Bano, the Shaheen Bagh activist. She went ahead to claim that the protestor was doing so for just a sum of Rs. 100, enraging many, including Dosanjh.

What did the feud lead to?

The exchange of blows carried on for three weeks, with many artists from the Punjabi music industry appreciating Dosanjh’s opinions and decision to come all the way to join the farmers in their protest. Gradually, Dosanjh decided to not continue the argument and stopped engaging with Ranaut on Twitter. This feud sparked up his followers on different platforms, which reached beyond the Punjabi music community. Around the first week of December, his account saw an increase of followers by 17%.

In comparison, Ranaut has been seen trending on Twitter since August. During the first week of December, her account saw an increase of followers by 5%. Since Dosanjh is a fairly new user, he seems to be more trending than Kangana.

Keerat Grewal, the partner at Ormax Media stated that new users have a better trending rate than old popular users. In addition, Diljit decided to revolt against fake news. He did not have a derogatory tone to his argument. He was trying to clear her misconception instead of putting her down. Even though a number of users did not understand Punjabi, they clicked on the follow button on Diljit’s profile because of the way he articulated himself in this situation. Kangana attacked Punjabi farmers, Diljit revolted against that and only attacked her misconception that arose about the Shaheen Bagh protestor.

What Happened On Instagram?

Diljit’s fan following increased threefolds on Instagram following the feud. Despite being trolled by pro-Kangana fans, Diljit was highly respected by his fans and the Punjabi music industry. Some artists want to utilize and mention this feud in their upcoming songs and raps.

Dosanjh is also the brand ambassador of bOAT, Maggi, CocaCola, and Flipkart. None of the brands wanted to comment on his social media stance. This was one situation where the entire country held a lot of anger. Dosanjh’s manager feels it was important for him to take a stand because other Punjabi artists who did not, were heavily trolled on social media for staying quiet.

Diljit has been inspirational for many Indians and this feud has raised a new bar for his fans to use his one-liners in different instances. Quotes like “Desh there kalli da ni” (this country is not yours alone) is now popular because of the Dosanjh-Ranaut feud.

Isn’t he the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)?

Source: Economic Times

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