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Why Is Digital Marketing Important For A Small Business?

| Published on October 15, 2018

We are in an Era where everything around us is going digital. Whether its to book a show or order a meal, whether it’s to buy a shirt or to check the features of an automobile. The average users of the internet around the world are increasing every year. Therefore, all businesses are changing their marketing or advertising strategies to target people online. Small businesses often think that marketing online or digital marketing may not give them results, but, that’s wrong! Digital Marketing is one of the best ways a small business can accumulate more business in the initial stages.

Digital Marketing

For small businesses or start-ups, Traditional Marketing strategies have a lot of barriers. Some of these barriers include – the requirement of a high budget, inability to reach the target audience or communicating with their prospects. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, provides much higher chances for a business to grow, it keeps a track of all activities, gets the word out to the target customer while helping to maintain existing relations with clients.

Involving Digital Marketing in your marketing strategies can help your business in significant ways. Let’s see how:


Digital Marketing is one of the most affordable marketing strategies that your company can invest in. You can actually start a digital marketing campaign for your business for free, however, its ROI depends on the way its executed. An Email Marketing campaign can be a great start and can get you leads instantly.

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High ROI


Return on Investment is something which every business looks for. Digital Marketing no doubt provides a much higher ROI than traditional marketing. It can provide you with visits to your local store, phone calls from local prospects, visits to your website etc. At a fixed budget, Digital Marketing has the power to take your business to the next level.


Unlike Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing actually guarantees conversions. Those conversions can be in any form, a form being filled, a phone call or a product sold. With Digital Marketing you have an idea of cost per conversion for your business and aim to lower the cost with different strategies.

Frequent Reports and Analysis


One thing I really like about Internet Marketing is that everything is crystal clear. You can easily view the progress of your campaign, unlike Traditional Marketing where you can calculate the ROI only after a certain period. With Digital Marketing, you know how much you have invested at any given point in time and how much return on investment you received from it. You can calculate the subscribers or followers you received from an Ad campaign, the impressions you got, the number of phone calls you received etc. Everything is recorded for Analysis and improvements.

Visibility on Search Engines


Online marketing doesn’t mean just creating a website. Your website won’t be of any use if people who are interested in your product or service aren’t engaging with it. That’s where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into play. SEO is a part of Digital Marketing which plays an integral role in gaining organic traffic for a website. SEO can help you get ranked on search engines for keywords your prospects are searching your business with. The results gained with SEO stick for a long time and SEO does provide one of the best ROI’s in the industry if done right.

Communicate with your Customers


Digitalization has helped businesses to stay more connected with customers. Now, businesses are constantly in touch with customers through Social Media and various Apps. Customers can use the same to share their views about their service. Its important for a business to touch-base with customers through various portals to understand their needs and demands.

Except for this, there are a lot of other reasons why Internet Marketing is important for your business. However, to maximize those returns, you’ll need a good Digital Marketing Company which can help you get more business. Other than this, you can also hire an in-house team to market your business online. Whatever you do, make sure your business has an online entity because as Bill Gates says,

“If your Business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Good Luck!

Guest post by Anmol Kohli, Manager at Marketer Stop

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