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How Digital Brands Like Netflix Are Using the Power Of Billboards And Outdoor Ads

| Published on January 12, 2019

Netflix, the American media-services provider from 1997, has been known for its dollar worth documentaries, series, movies and different shows every year. Infact, did you see that 3 TV shows on the same streaming service, won Golden Globe awards this year? Well, there isn’t any doubt it hugely invests in advertising, marketing, promotion and analysis to achieve the success it has.

Did you know that at the time when Netflix needed new writers, actors and directors interested for its shows and series, it had enough options but the firm decided to go for the billboard buy of $150 million on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles?

What is going on? 

Well, in the era where focused targeting is the latest trend, in some cases weirdly but accurately a big bold ad positioned advertisement above the streets where the desired audience passes by daily, can do miracles.

This very smart strategy is now being acquired by many other companies to get higher customer acquisition. Currently, four of the ten largest spenders on the billboards are tech firms: Google, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon. Familiar names, right?

The reason why..

An opinion from a world known company shall help us understand it better. “These screens are in a fixed physical location, on a specific street or corner, and around a certain transit access point, which lets us surface information people want and need at that station at that time,” says Jen Hensley, President of Link. In a generation, where everybody is stuck on their handy devices where millions of advertisements show up with the passing of every single second, one influential idea on a big display can impact minds way better.

In need for further analysis?

Also, it is to be noted is that this sector has evolved as one of the brightest and smartest way of advertising in front of the audience because the screens are getting cheaper and moreover it is easy to fill them with both effective and competitive content. This is mainly because there has been increasing availability of these screens due to rising infrastructural development in places of mass residence.

For example, PriceWaterHouseCoopers reports that the expenditure on the digital outdoor advertisement has increased by fifteen percent annually in recent years.

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