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Different Strategies Using Which Gamers Make Money By Streaming On Twitch

| Published on December 7, 2018

The gaming industry is booming all across the world and number of people that turning towards this profession are increasing at a high rate. Many gamers use YouTube to stream games and earn money through Youtube ads and Twitch has become very popular also.

What’s more interesting is that the streamers are earning more money than average people because of Twitch. Streamers have found new ways to monetize their channels and we are sharing some tips and ways of earning on Twitch in this article.

Build a good follower base or audience


Building an audience is crucial in any platform you plan to work for digitally. Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, a loyal fan base always helps. To achieve this, you need to make your audience enjoy their time with you. So, let us now take a look at the methods of earning money.


The best way to earn money on Twitch is via subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions start at $4.99, with other plans at $9.99 and $24.99. This money is divided 50-50 between Twitch and the streamers. To become a Twitch Affiliate, you need to have a minimum of 50 followers.

Affiliate marketing

If work as a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, you can add a “buy now” button so that viewers can purchase the game you are streaming. If a viewer purchases the game, then you get a commission around 5% share.


Viewers can provide financial support to the streamers via virtual cheers called bits. They use animated GIFs which are purchased from Amazon Payments. Streamers earn one cent for every bit used.


Donations can range from a single dollar to thousands. Although there’s no native way using which streamers can receive donations, it can be made via third-party service like PayPal. For this, you will need to create a PayPal link.

Partnering with brands

Similar to what Instagram influencers do, Twitch streamers also use branded partnerships to endorse products of different companies during their streams. Companies that sell products like hardware, software, drinks, accessories, food show interest in twitch streamers.

We hope this must have helped you know how one can earn money from playing games on Twitch live a life following your passion.

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