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Dell Founder Shared Reason For Leaving College, Twitter Is Loving It

| Published on March 20, 2018

Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell revealed the first ever financial statement of Dell that helped him in convincing his parents to drop out of college. He shared an image on Twitter which shows the complete financials of Dell in its initial days. The statement dated 31 July 1984 clearly tells about the profit of Dell when Michael was only 19 years old. He left the University of Texas in Austin during the very first year to focus on his work. Here is the tweet which he wrote: First financial statement for Dell. The one I used to convince my parents that it was OK for me to not go back to college


Micheal was fond of computers from his childhood days but his parents wanted him to complete studies and do a job. He took the other way and developed a company which is now popular all over the world. Dell has achieved all the heights of a successful business with a net worth of more than $21 billion making him one of the names to get a place in Bloomberg’s top 50 Billionaires list.

Twitter users loved this financial statement and many are seeing it as a source of inspiration for starting a new business. Here are some of the tweets from his fans:

Dell’s financial statement makes much more sense than the one in my textbook

Love the hardwork presented here

Thanks for sharing

This pic will keep so many dreams alive

We are not against completing education but if you believe in something which is more valuable than college degrees, you should follow your heart and take small steps towards completing your goals. Many modern-day companies have CEOs and founders who have not even completed their graduation because they had the will to do so.

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What’s your take on leaving college for staring a business? Do let us know in comments.

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