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From Being A Delivery Boy To Owning A Million-Worth Startup: This Success Story Is All You Need To Know!

| Published on September 5, 2017

If you are lacking some motivation or inspiration for the day and thinking about quitting your business ideas, then wait for a minute before you do so. At present times we have everything at our service with just a click away. Starting from food to clothes, technology has made us handicapped and lazy heads.

Least have we known about anyone serving us hot tea too! People in India love tea and consume it at innumerable rates throughout the day. Imagine for a cup of tea you don’t have to go to the kitchen or rather go and buy from a shop nearby. Imagine it arriving hot at your step by just a click.

Kudos to the observation by the young Jaipur lad who thought of delivering hot tea to the people exactly where they are. It was no doubt an instant hit in the Pink City. The boy almost earned a lakh of rupees a month. That’s what you call success and having a perfect marketing mind!

Where It All Started

Raghuveer Singh Chaudhry belongs to one of those poverty stricken Jaipur family who had to leave his studies to earn money for livelihood and his family. After a lot of hardships, he fetched a job as a delivery boy for Amazon and earned almost Rs. 9,000 per month. His bicycle took him all the way to places for delivering products from Amazon.

In between work he would take rest for a cup of tea. But he would observe that how problematic it becomes to find a tea stall. A tea stall that’s hygienic and serves good quality of tea looks like an oasis in a desert. He then thought about the daily woes of people who might think the same and face same problems. And that’s where all the idea came from.


The Journey

Raghuveer was clever enough to make savings from his salary and he thought of using the amount for hiring a person, renting out a place and executing his whole plan. You can message on WhatsApp or either call while being anywhere and a cup of tea made with mineral water will arrive at you in less than fifteen minutes. The cup will cost you only 5 rupees. Also nowadays shopkeepers welcome customers with drinks and tea. This was a problem solver. What an idea!

“I think if companies are providing door to door deliveries of so many things. Then, why not tea?” he said.

He never thought of making such success and profit at first when he started. He first made cups of tea with three of his friends as he had little capital. But as days went by he contacted local shops and started getting orders. His service and quality were appreciated to make his business go viral. He started delivering with bicycle and now he does on his own motorbike.


Present Situation

Now he has 10 staffs working for him and four motorbikes to serve the delivery purpose. With four tea centers in Jaipur, he takes in almost 500 to 700 orders daily and earns in lakhs.

Did that motivate you for the day? If you have got a unique idea and a perfect marketing mind then you can get success at any time.You just have to believe in your idea and the process. We learn from this that there are lots of opportunities to earn money in India nowadays with technology creeping in but only if you dare to take those untaken paths.

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