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Delhi University Is Winning Hearts With Its New Initiative For Needy Students

| Published on May 31, 2019

Delhi University has since forever remained a prestigious institution for learning in the country. While the struggles of getting into the university are real with high cut offs and quota system, this year the university has taken upon them to provide full scholarships to students whose parents are no more or unemployed. 

The online registration for undergraduate programs have already commenced and as for postgraduate (PG) programs, postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security and Law and for MPhil or Ph.D. programs shall begin from June 3.

“The University of Delhi is considering to provide full scholarships to students whose both parents are deceased or unemployed and half fee waiver to those students whose earning member is decreased in order to cover their college or university fee,” the varsity said.

The registration process of all the programmes will be completely online for all categories and quota.

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DU admissions 2019: Open Day sessions

The Dean Students’ Welfare Office will also be organising open day sessions for the aspiring candidates who are seeking admission in undergraduate courses and their parents to understand the admission process in the colleges of the university.

A help desk set up in the conference centre will also be assisting the candidates. The colleges will also organise their counseling sessions and set up help desks in their premises during the admission process.

DU increases seats for EWS category by 10%

This year, the varsity will be affecting a 10 percent increase in seats for economically weaker sections and there will be a rise of close to 6,000 seats.

The varsity will be affecting the increase in two phases – 10 percent in the first year and the remaining 15 percent in the next year.

While registering for the courses, the students will have to specify whether they are from Economically Weaker Sections and will have to upload a certificate as proof.

There will be an online calculator for marks, easing the job of colleges and also making it easier for students.

Inclusive approach by Delhi University for all state boards of India

The admissions committee has tried to offer an inclusive approach to students. According to an official, different state boards have different subjects with different nomenclature, but the same curriculum as CBSE subjects, which are considered as standard by the DU.

For instance, the Jammu and Kashmir Board has subject biochemistry, whose syllabus is same as that of biology which is taught by the CBSE, the official said.

He said earlier biochemistry was considered a vocational subject and students from the other board would face 2.5 percent deduction in marks, but this will not happen now.

“The admission committee in its approach has been very inclusive and accommodative. They have tried their level best to make the admission process easy and efficient. Online calculator, mapping of the subjects from state boards and protection and promotion of Modern Indian Languages are few important steps taken in this direction by the Admission Committee,” said Rasal Singh, Member, Academic Council, DU.

He said the introduction of EWS, will give an opportunity to the deprived students.

“Since 10 percent seats will be increased this year and 15 percent next year, this decision will not affect the interest of students from other categories,” he added.

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