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Delhi Metro Wins Internet For Using Sacred Games 2 Meme To Explain ‘Reserved Seats’

| Published on July 13, 2019

Netflix announced the date of most awaited web series in India Sacred Games 2 recently. Sacred Games 2 will be released on 15th August and people are coming with all sorts of memes using the dialogues showed n the trailer.

The most popular meme of this trailer has been “Balidan Dena Hoga” which is viral all across the internet right now. Memers have created a series of memes inspired by the dialogue. But there is one meme that has grabbed eyeballs of online audience- the one from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

Delhi Metro
Delhi Metro Rail on Wednesday posted a picture of the mysterious Guruji on Twitter explaining the concept of reserved seats of Delhi Metro with caption “When you sit in a reserved seat: #SacredGames2”.

Twitterati was quick to recognize this creativity and praised Delhi Metro rail Department for this.






Delhi Metro Rail is not the first authority t use Memes on social media to raise awareness about a social issue. Mumbai Police, Guwahati Police and many more and known for spreading such messages through memes on Twitter. Looks like Indians have finally realised the value of Meme Marketing as everyone is trying to make the most of this because it attracts modern day youth more than any hoardings of TVCs.

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