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Delhi Airport & Indigo’s Twitter Talk Will Give You Marketing Goals For Valentine’s Day

| Published on February 15, 2020

It’s Valentine’s season and everyone is busy finding a way to express their love to their special someone. Some people gift flowers whereas some have their own special way to let the other know of their never-ending love.

While everyone is busy showering affection on the V-day, Delhi Airport didn’t stay back and posted an oh-so-romantic tweet for Indigo6E. Let’s get into highlights!

Delhi Airport’s PDA For Indigo Airline On Valentine’s Day!

In this digital world, everyone loves to take initiative to convey their love to their partner by writing a piece or posting a picture of them with their THE ONE as it indicates they are proud of their connection and they do not hesitate to love them publically, as well.

So, Delhi Airport has happened to take full advantage of the V-Day and posted a tweet tagging Indigo6E as it romantically wrote, “Hey @IndiGo6E, promise me you’ll never run away from my runway!” and left the onlookers in awe!

And guess what? It’s not one-sided! Because Indigo6E replied back with an even more initmate tweet saying, “Oh darling, your love brings me back on-time, every time!”

The PDA crossed all limits when Delhi Airport replied to that tweet, too! 😀 It said, “My love, we have so many future planes together!” Indigo6E replied back immediately. Check the tweet below.

Such displayed affection in public left every single viewer having an “Awwww!” moment when Delhi Airport tweeted back, “I’m just plane crazy about you.” Why don’t they get a room?

People have left hilarious comments on this love-filled conversation enjoying it at the same time. Delhi Airport and Indigo’s this lovely thread has attracted thousands of people and it did not take long for other Airlines to share love with Delhi Airport, too!

And then Delhi Airport flirted with Vistara whose Tweet back you just can’t afford to miss!

Well, this was their PDA. What are your plans, tonight? We are eager to know! Tell us in the comment section!
Source: NDTV

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