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Are Deepika-Ranveer All Set To Become The Next Power Couple Of Advertising World?

| Published on November 14, 2018

Well, star couples making their presence together in advertisements is a common scenario these days. From Shah Rukh Khan- Gauri for D’Decor, Aishwarya-Abhishek for Prestige, Saif-Kareena for Air BnB, and Kajol-Ajay Devgn for Lifebouy and Whirlpool, many celebrity couples have endorsed brands together. The recent ones to join the bandwagon were Anushka and Virat with their Manyavar Mohe ad, just before their marriage.

Now we have another power couple in the making which is Deepika and Ranveer. DeepVeer, as they are fondly known, are all set to tie the knot today at Lake Commo, Italy as per the South Indian traditions and the couple has an Anand Karaj ceremony tomorrow.

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Between the two of them, they promote and endorse around 40 brands. Some of the brands that they endorse have been from the competition brand. For example, Ranveer Singh promotes Make My Trip while Deepika is with Ibibo, Deepika is the brand ambassador for Axis Bank while Ranveer just signed a deal with Kotak Mahindra bank early this year. Deepika also promotes Oppo phones whereas Ranveer was associated for long with Vivo. There are other brands like Adidas-Nike and Head & Shoulders-Loreal that is promoted by the Ranveer and Deepika respectively.

Brand Values

As per the report by Duff and Phelps named’ Rise of the Millennials, Ranveer Singh has valued at $42 Million. He is currently the brand ambassador of more than 20 brands and is estimated to charge anything between 3-4 crore per deal. According to the Forbes list of Top 100 celebrities for 2017, the actor made Rs 62.63 crore during the year, from brand endorsements alone.

On the other hand, Deepika Padukone has the highest brand endorsements among actresses. She is currently endorsing 18 brands. Padukone charges around Rs 1-5 crore per deal.

Their combined worth is definitely the talk of the town and time will tell if they would come together to promote any of the brands. Also, it is left to see how these individual brands strategize their marketing given the fact they would be married now.

Expert Comments

Aman Abbas, Co-Founder Commwiser Consultants, believes, “The Deepika-Ranveer wedding creates a big opening for brands that want to attract young married couples and youth alike. We expect to see associations in clothing, jewelry, accessories and beauty categories to some fun and aspirational brands in travel and tourism, fitness, luxury and home products.”

He adds, “A lot of brands now look for more than just endorsements in ATL campaigns. They are keen to showcase how they are an intrinsic part of these influencers’ personal lives. Wedding being a very personal affair is the opportunity for brands to generate that visibility and trust which is far more valuable than a typical TV commercial.”

Ranjeet Kumar, CEO Team Pumpkin. “For the movie frenzy millennial, DeepVeer will surely become the next couple sensation after Virushka. Both Deepika and Ranveer have strong individual imprints on young consumers; this wedding will undoubtedly scale up their brand power as a couple. Our agency plans to optimize the added value Deepika and Ranveer will bring together, especially for the brands targeting young couples.”

Brand Expert, Nupur Krishna shares, “Looking at brand Deepika and Ranveer I’d say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So far, Ranveer’s eclectic and effervescent style and Deepika’s fresh and modern independent woman image, endeared them to their fans mostly from the younger demographic. However, marriage would lend both of them a persona of maturity and responsibility which would open them up to many more product categories. Also, I don’t think it would have any adverse effect on them currently endorsing rival brands as individuals. If anything, it would add a bit of buzz as fans would speculate about the differing taste of married couples”.

According to N Chandramouli, Brand Expert & CEO of Desire, “When two personalities as different as Ranveer and Deepika come together, it does not have the same context as several other celebrities. In this case, they endorse brands which are competing, banks, phones, paints etc”. “I think both of them will continue to maintain individual brand personalities after their marriage too and not look at common endorsements as brand conflicts are significant and will not add to their endorsement value,” he adds.

“You may see them endorsing brands together only after a couple of years. I think they can extract more value as individuals than as a couple for now,” Chandramouli explains. Both the stars are on the top of their respective games and have now entered the club of ‘power couples’.

We are definitely curious to see how this power couple takes over the advertising world and what marketers and advertisers plan for them.

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