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Have a Debit Card? Are You Aware of These Service Charges?

| Published on August 1, 2018

Well, to begin with, it might sound like a stupid question that do you own a debit card or not because today a huge population in India does have a debit card. The penetration is now considered high in the semi-urban and rural sector too. These days especially we end up using debit cards almost everywhere, be it online shopping or offline, booking air tickets or movie tickets, debit cards come in handy for all our day-to-day transactions. But do you know how much you get charged for different services that a debit card offers?


Let’s compare three types of services related to your dear debit card and how much some of the leading banks charge you for the same.

Reissuance of Debit Card

Lost your card? You might have to shell out anything between Rs. 200 to 700 for your new debit card. According to the charges mentioned on ICICI Bank’s website, they charge Rs. 200 for the replacement of a debit card, but depending on the category of debit cards like gold, platinum etc., these charges could be higher. HDFC Bank also claims the same amount for reissuance of a debit card as per their website. Whereas SBI Bank charges Rs 300 for a lost/damaged debit card replacement and don’t forget the applicable taxes make the amount higher anyway.

Annual Maintenance Charges

SBI charges a fee of Rs. 125 towards the annual maintenance of its Classic debit card.

ICICI charges no fees for annual maintenance charge except its coral debit card. The coral debit card comes with both a joining fee of Rs. 499 and also an annual charge of the same amount. HDFC charges up to Rs 750 for its platinum debit card whereas an SBI charges as low as 150 for its classic debit card.


PIN Change Charges

Unless you are requesting a pin change at the bank branch, most banks charge you for a pin change as well. SBI charges Rs 50 plus taxes even if you request the pin change through the branch. ICICI, on the other hand, doesn’t charge anything if you generate an instant pin through the IVR or by visiting the branch, but otherwise has a charge of Rs. 25 on the pin change. HDFC charges same as SBI, Rs 50, but only when you are doing at an ATM, if doing it through net banking or branch banking, there are no charges

Were you aware of these charges, do let us know what your bank charges for these services in comments?

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