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Dead Worm Found Dead In Mountain Dew Bottle, Fined Rs 5 Lakh

| Published on December 26, 2019

A customer found a dead worm in the bottle of very popular soft drink Mountain Dew and immediately filed a complaint in consumer court but didn’t get heard in a proper manner. Then the person took the case to State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission and appealed for it to be taken into consideration.

State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission imposed a fine of a total of Rs.5 Lakh on Pepsico (the makers of Mountain Dew). Rs.2.5 Lakh has to be paid at PGI Pure Fund and another Rs.2.5 Lakh has to be deposited in Consumer Legal Ad Account.
mountain dew
Not only this, but Pepsico is also considered responsible for this problem faced by the customer and has been asked to pay Rs.60,000 to him in addition to Rs.25,000 that the consumer spent on the entire case filing. Moreover, the shop from where the customer bought the bottle, those Rs.35 has also been asked to be returned with respect.

Naveen Sethi, the resident of Mohali (Nayagaon), the person who found a dead worm in the bottle of Mountain Dew mentioned that there were other dirty particles present in the drink, too but State Consumer Dispute Commission has ignored the case even after the entire testing had taken place.

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