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DAZL, A Tiny Wearable Device Targeted On Women Safety!

| Published on August 7, 2018

With the ever-raising issue of women safety, especially while they’re alone on the roads, India has always topped the list when it comes to this particular issue. Keeping this in mind, DAZL a small IoT device was invented which allows women to send an SOS alert to one or two more people any time they feel threatened. The alert can be sent by simply pressing a button on the device for three seconds and contains the person’s location as well.

The Idea


“Women’s safety is a massive problem all over the world. A lot of women find themselves in compromised and unsafe situations. And, I am not okay with that,” says DAZL, cofounder, Aditi Chadha.

The device is small and elegant and has been created with an objective to make women feel safer than they do, every time they step out of their homes. Also, the design of the device has been paid special attention to make it more appealing to the women user. Its like technology meets jewelry. Its convenience of attaching to a key ring etc. makes it more feasible to use than the pepper spray kind of safety devices available in the market. “Our mission is to leverage technology to build a community of confident and fearless women,” shares Chadha.

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How Does the Device Work?


On a simple press of a button the device sends SOS messages to 2-3 people simultaneously and also emits loud beeping sounds in order to buzz an alarm and scare off a potential threat. Not just this, but the tiny device comes with multiple features like a simple press of a button can send your loved a message of you reaching home safe in place of typing a whole message on your phone.

“It has an amazing battery life with 45 days standby time on a single charge, is aesthetically appealing and comes with additional functionalities,” explains Chadha. Though the product is targeted at women but can be used by anyone, especially senior citizens and children could be the secondary users of this product.

Way Forward


The effort put in by the founders seems to have paid off – DAZL was chosen to be part of the HAX – a global accelerator programme focused on hardware companies. “With that, we also raised a convertible note and became a portfolio company of SOSV, the most active hardware technology VC out of Europe,” shares Chadha. The company has plans to expand their business in several Asian and European countries.

Are you looking forward to the launch of this wearable jewelry, safety device?

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