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Here Are Some Data Driven Marketing Tips To Push Your Business Growth

| Published on October 24, 2018

Over the period of time, marketing has evolved in a big way. While in earlier days, analyzing a marketing activity or advertisement was a task, today one can literally track whether a consumer has viewed the advertisement or not, or is there any subsequent action to purchase the product. Hence today, it is easy to evaluate if a campaign has worked for the brand. Here are some data-driven marketing tips to help you grow your startup

Consumer Targeting Based on Interest

Knowing where your TG’s interest lies can help you a great deal in targeting them and then plan your marketing strategy. Knowing what trends your TG follows or is reading about will help you catch them at the right place. For example, if your TG is interested in sports or travel, then advertising your content on such a platform would have a better impact on your brand and more chances of getting consumed by the TG.

Disruptive Content

It is generally perceived that today the interest span of the consumers is very short and more especially on the Internet and unless you come up with disruptive content and ads, your brand can get lost. So think deep and plan communications, which are relevant, subjective and disruptive in nature.

For example, Netflix used disruptive communication and capitalized the trolling trend of Radhika Apte. They changed their official tagline across social media and said ‘Just another @radhikaofficial fan account’.

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Consumer Experience

Its often seen that discounts and offers draw a huge number of consumers, but continuous indulgence in discounts could devalue your brand in the long run. In such cases, it’s better to enhance the customer experience through alternative methods. Loyalty programs come in handy for such situations. It allows the customers to repeatedly use your brand/services and in return collect points that can be redeemed for discounts or other services.

For instance, if you are in a restaurant business, you offer a loyalty program to your customers wherein they collect points every time they dine in at your restaurant and they can redeem points for things like movie tickets or a spa session. This doesn’t devalue your brand but gives the customer a feeling of getting something more and enhances his overall experience with your brand.

Habit formation

Although the content attention span is very short lived, but since the use of social media comes under a daily activity now, if your content is interesting enough, consumers will visit the app/website every day for new content. Only having a good reach doesn’t help, understanding the data in depth is important. You need to figure out what the consumer loves, what kind of content gets more response and then strategize your content accordingly. Retaining consumers is a very important aspect of brand marketing. So whether you are launching a new product or service or keeping your audience entertained, it can be great for your brand if the consumer forms a habit of visiting the brand in some way.

Influential Marketing


Though celebrity endorsements have been the most popular form of influential marketing, space is literally cluttered and also all startups cannot afford a celebrity. There has been a conscious shift wherein brands are using the influential power of real people to promote their brands. It’s a trend to communicate the brand message through real-life stories of real people and this is where the common influencers like bloggers come in the picture.

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