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Dabur Red Paste Continues Its Creativity With New Version Of #SabkoChabaJaayenge For Afghanistan

| Published on June 19, 2019

Indian team is performing very well in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2109 as it hasn’t lost any match till now. After beating South Africa and Australia, everyone was looking to see a tough battle with Pakistan on Sunday but Indian team was in the mood of outplaying the opposition in all the three skills- Batting, Bowling and Feilding. In addition to this, most cricket fans are criticizing Pak captain for opting to Bowl first in the high-pressure game.

Leaving past aside, Indian team is now preparing for its next match with Afghanistan on 22nd of June and it seems like brands are not leaving another chance to advertise. Before the Pak match, we wrote about #SabkoChabaJaayenge campaign by Dabur Red Paste and how it is winning the hearts of Indian audience.

Continuing the art of supporting Indian team with a funny commercial, Dabur is back with its video ad for Afganistan’s match. After showing Chaube Ji munching on akhrot before Pakistan’s match, Dabur Red Paste has shown him munching on badam from Afghanistan. Also, he is talking in Afghani accent which adds extra fun. Take a look at the latest commercial:

If you don’t get the meaning, Dabur Red Paste is supporting Indian team by showing Chaube Ji ‘munching’ (Chabana) the opposition’s famous foods.

Seeing from the advertising perspective, these ads are funny, relatable and very engaging. Also, Dabur hasn’t crossed the line of respect by mocking other teams in the race of supporting India.

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