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Dabur Pushes Oral Hygiene At Kumbh With A Very Relatable Concept

| Published on March 1, 2019

Kumbh Mela is not just ground for religious activities and beliefs, but it is also a mega ground for different marketing initiatives by both big and small brands in India.
To make the most of this high congregation opportunity, Dabur plugged in one of their most popular brands Dabur Red Toothpaste in a unique and relevant way. One of the key religious rites performed during Kumbh is the dip in holy water, commonly known as ‘snan’. All most all the people who visit Kumbh, indulge in this activity as a ritual and Dabur came up with the idea of ‘Dant Snan’ before the main ‘snan’

Dabur came with a very realistic video which touches upon different attributes of the Kumbh Mela talking about both good and bad points including sadhus, the rush, pick-pockets etc., but the crux of the video relied on the fact that there is always a big rush in Kumbh, wherein you meet different people, sadhus, and sants, and what is important is to have a dant snan before one proceeds for the holy dip in water.
The lingo used in the video is very ‘desi’ so to say. It has been aptly created keeping the primary TG in mind. Those who visit Kumbh will easily be able to relate to both the mood of the video and the language.

It definitely is a great initiative to promote oral hygiene amongst people and push them to brush their teeth. Dabur actually installed toothpaste dispensers at various points and not just with the video but literally pushed people to adopt oral hygiene on the ground. Apart from dispensers, promoters in branded attires were also helping people understand the concept and guide them to the dispensing counters.

The video campaign, which is created by Scatter, features a wide demographic of people, everyone from sadhus to young kids, this video also spreads the message about oral hygiene.

Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Snan se pehle Dabur Red Dant Snan – an Oral hygiene initiative by Dabur Red Paste for people attending Kumbh..

Dabur Dental Care

Posted by Marketing Mind on Friday, 22 February 2019

Many villagers who visit Kumbh still use old methods of cleaning their teeth using ‘Datun’ or at max tooth powders, but Dabur’s initiative surely directs them towards a more progressive way of oral hygiene and this video captures the true essence of the Kumbh Mela and is definitely a commendable marketing strategy.

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