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Dabur Honitus Sarcastically Uses Sarfaraz Ahmed Yawn For Moment Marketing

| Published on June 20, 2019

Moment Marketing is finally picking its pace in India as brands are getting to know the value of using trending topics in Social Media Marketing. One major benefit of using trending topics is that brands are getting results with incredible engagement and that’s what they aim for.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is creating a great buzz all across social media and India vs Pakistan match was something everyone was waiting for. The match went great for the Indian team as opener Rohit Sharma scored his second hundred of the tournament helping India to post a target of 337 which Pakistan players were unable to score.

Along with India’s win, this match will be remembered for another reason that is -Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed getting caught on camera yawning during the match. Netizens latched on this opportunity of making memes and Ahmed’s yawning image went viral all across the social media.

Such situations are crucial for brands as they get to engage with audience using humor and India’s No. 1 Ayurvedic cough syrup brand, Dabur Honitus did exactly the same. Dabur Honitus posted an image showing Sarfaraz Ahmed yawning with texts “Drowsing at the wrong time proves costly” and “Asar Dikhaye Bina Sulaye”. In simple words, Dabur Honitus has advertised itself in a very smart way talking about using the trending yawn of Sarfaraz. Reading the caption “With Dabur Honitus, the unwanted drowsiness will never catch you”, one can understand what Dabur Honitus is trying to convey. Here’s the post we are talking about:

This gives us a great example of how quick and creative brands need to act as the attention time has become so narrow due to the huge number of ads we see all around. Our praises to Dabur Honitus for pulling up a stunner.

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