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Dabbawalas Get Raincoats From Milton, A CSR Marketing Initiative

| Published on July 26, 2018

With the common connect of providing warm food to eat, the cookware brand Milton recently offered 400 raincoats to the Dabbawalas in Mumbai. These Dabbawalas serve lakhs of people every day in Mumbai and weather is something that doesn’t let their spirit go down. Even when Mumbai is deep in monsoon waters, a Dabbawala never fails to deliver, such is their passion and dedication towards their work. The Mumbai Dabbawalas have a turnover of 50 crores and have around 2,00,000 deliveries and 400,000 transactions with an almost negligible error rate – a fact that continues to stay strong even after delivering to lakhs of people across Mumbai.

With around 2,00,000 deliveries and 400,000 transactions, Dabbawalas have a turn over of about 50crores and almost a zero error rate. To thank their spirit and undying dedication, Milton provided them these raincoats as a goodwill gesture.


Speaking about this initiative, the a Milton representative commented,

“The Dabbawalas are a significant part of Mumbai. They deliver food to Mumbaikars all across the city without missing a beat is commendable. We hope these raincoats will help them to continue to deliver home-cooked food to the people of Mumbai with ease.”

Though this initiative is a CSR initiative from the company, it completely resonates with the brand communication and will give the brand a huge emotional connect with the audience.

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