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Customers Pay A Whopping Tip Of Rs 3.7 Lakhs At A Restaurant

| Published on December 19, 2020

Some people work hard to earn their bread. Some people inherit the same wealth from their families. For the former, a miracle goes a long way in making dreams come true. This happened to a waitress in Pennsylvania who received a tip of $5000 from her customers! These guests dine regularly at Anthony’s at Pax Hollow, a popular Country Club restaurant. Their bill amounted to just $205, however, they decided to tip their waitress grandly!

The waitress, Gianna DiAngelo, was overwhelmed by their generosity. The restaurant even took to Facebook to thank these customers for the excess amount during these hard times.

The loyal customers at Anthony’s and other Facebook fans expressed their appreciation. It is not every day when you get to see such well-wishers. $5000 is a lot of money, and definitely helped to make their day!


What is Anthony’s at Pax Hollow?

Anthony’s at Pax Hallow is a dining restaurant with a patio setting that allows customers to sit inside the diner or just enjoy their meal with a much more natural setting on their patio. They serve American, Italian, and Continental cuisines with some of their best dishes being oven-crusted pizzas and pasta mixed in different sauces.

In a conversation with ABC News, Gianna mentioned how she was stunned and thankful at the same time for this kind gesture. She would put that money away for college and help to make something of herself. She would also help others with the money she earns.

Most service providers are suffering due to the pandemic this year. It has been a tough time for restaurant owners, chefs, and staff to survive because of wage cuts, unemployment, and even delayed payments. This selfless act surely restores faith in humanity and we hope that more financially secure individuals come forward to help these food joints and restaurants pick up in terms of their earnings.

Source: NDTV

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