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Customers Are Asking McDonald’s & Burger King To Discontinue Plastic Toys. See Why

| Published on July 11, 2019

Kid’s happy meals have always been a big hit for McDonald’s. Same goes for the King Jr Meals at Burger King. All because of the little plastic toys that come with meals. These toys are often some action figures or Disney characters which makes them more important for the kids than the actual meal.

However exciting these toys might have been for the kids they may soon discontinue. This comes after a petition calling for the end of plastic toys which was started by Rachael Wood and her daughters Ella and Caitlin. The petition has so far received over 332,000 signatures and still counting.

After the petition, thousands in the U.K. are now urging McDonald’s and Burger King to eliminate plastic toys from being included in the brands’ kids’ meals.

The two kids, Ella (09) and Caitlin (07), have stated in the petition how they have been learning about the environment at school and how plastic is affecting it. They also said that kids play with these toys only for a while and then they get thrown away which is polluting the environment at the end.

The toys that these brands give away are made of plastic that cannot be recycled. With the growing awareness about the enviroment, this step had to be taken someday, sooner even.

The Wall Street Journal reported, that last year McDonald’s had begun exploring ways to make its toys from a type of plastic that can be easily recycled. However, McDonald‘s haven’t’ made any significant change in their plastic toys. Burger King is yet to find an alternative solution.

Saving the environment is the need of the hour. And seeing how these two little girls have stood up to do their part it is inspirational. More and more such steps need to be taken by all of us collectively if we wish to see any significant improvement.

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