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A Customer Tried To Troll Walmart, Twitter Is Loving The Way Company Replied

| Published on June 23, 2018

Social media platforms especially Twitter have become great mediums for communication between brands and its customers. Consumers these days prefer complaining and giving feedbacks on Twitter and brands also take the reviews seriously and try to reply in the best possible manner as it affects the reputation of the companies.


A Walmart customer wanted to troll retail giant Walmart but the reply he got has proved that the Twitter account handlers of the company know how to make the most of such moments.

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Here’s how it all started:

As expected, Walmart tried to be gentle and asked Murk about his favorite activity in their stores.

The guy tried to act smart and replied to make fun of Walmart.

Walmart came up with an epic response and tweeted “Well played Murk. After further review of our store’s video feed we’ve decided to let you keep the rash cream. Next time tho… pay in full”

This initiated a topic for Twitter users to write their views and some of them are really amazing. Have a look-

Gotta love Walmart

Well played

Jesus give him burn ointment too

He just got murked

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Walmart has made many new fans with this hilarious reply. This is what other brands need to learn from Walmart. So, never try to steal something from a retail store especially when you visit Walmart.

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