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Customer Service At Its Best: People Share How Indian Post Delivered Letters Despite Incomplete Addresses

| Published on March 12, 2020

Indian Post Service may have become more of a formal medium of communication than what it used to be earlier in the days. Writing & posting letters to your loved ones was a very important part of our daily lives. The feeling of receiving a handwritten letter from someone you love is something the millennials today will not understand.

Way before Facebook & WhatsApp, post services were the only means of inter-city communication for almost 150 years. People wrote their hearts out in these letters and people kept them for years as mementos. That feeling of nostalgia can be hardly felt today through our electronic means of communication.

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But despite being such a crucial part, Indian post has had their share of problems as well. From misplacing your letters to delivering at the incorrect address, there have been certain instances that a few of us will be able to relate to. But despite the flaws, our postal service may have they have proven to be pretty astonishing at times.

Today we bring you a couple of stories of how the Indian Post worked in their mysterious ways and delivered letters with incomplete addresses.

As shared by Hindustan Times, a Twitter user, Navdeep Singh, tweeted details of how Indian postal services delivered his letter despite having an incomplete address.

What started off as one tweet soon went viral and people from everywhere came forward and shared their stories of how Indian Postal Service did the same with their letters.

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