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Customer Gives Rs 12 Lakhs As Tip On Bill Of Rs 2500 At Bar

| Published on June 27, 2021

Since the COVID19 hit globally, people have been struggling to make ends meet. With the lockdowns imposed in the past year, it has been difficult for small as well as large businesses to survive. While some had to resort to cutting down on their staff, many could not just stay afloat and had to shut down completely.

This not only had a financial impact on people’s lives, but many have also been struggling with psychological drawbacks. So when the world economy started again, it was really difficult for people to operate just like before.

But what the past year has taught us all is that we all are in this together and only by helping others can we truly help ourselves. Considering this, many people have shown the best of humanity in these testing times and have been helping people by going the extra mile.

From donating medical supplies to helping the ones infected with food and other support, people have really come together.

One such incidence has gone viral on social media. A customer left a tip of $16,000 (Rs. 11 lakh) tip at Stumble Inn Bar & Grill in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The total bill however was only $38 (Rs 2500 approx.).

Michael who is the owner of the restaurant, shared a post on his Facebook accounting expressing his gratitude towards the most generous customer ever.

In an interview with Today Food., Michael said that a gentleman came in at the bar and ordered a beer and a couple of chili cheese dogs, and then he ordered pickle chips and a Patron (tequila) drink. At around 3:30, he asked the bartender for the check. She gave it to him and walked away, and then he said to her, ‘Don’t spend it all in one place.’

The bartender could only laugh at the ‘joke’ which she did not think much about. It was only after she looked down at the tip that she realized what had happened.

As per reports, the tip was distributed amongst the entire staff of the restaurant.

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