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Customer Complained Domino’s About Delivery & Their Convo Is Hilarious

| Published on June 10, 2018

Social media platforms mainly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become a great platform for customers to complain about the problems they face with popular brands. Companies these days are aware of their image on these platforms and they reply to the customers and solve their issues on priority basis. A funny conversation is going viral on Facebook in which Domino’s has been mocked by users for its replies.


It all started on 2nd May 2018 when ‎Rabsimran Singh ordered pizzas from Domino’s India website but the pizzas arrived late and cold. He was promised a refund in 10 working days but didn’t receive it even after a month. So he decided to post this on Domino’s official account on Facebook. You can check the post below:

As expected, Domino’s replied on this post and ensured him that the problem will be solved.

Domino’s promised to contact him shortly in this regard.

Rabsimran sent his details to Domino’s asking them to solve the issue soon.

Others suggested that it has become a habit of Domino’s and to not waste time on this.

Domino’s replied pattiently to them

Rabsimran waited and came back with dissappointment. He told that he will most likely not use Domino’s again.

Domino’s assured him again with a similar reply.

Rabsimran kept alrming Domino’s in his own way.

All he recieved is the same reply

He decided to change his tactics and came with something interesting.

But Domino’s didn’t change their tactics and replied in a similar way

This triggered some anger in Rabsimran and he gave a witty reply to Domino’s

This made others join him and people came with some hilarious comments.

Comedy thread hai

Finally, after so much efforts from the guy Domino’s solved his issue

Thank you, I am satisfied.

This is a great lesson for companies to take the complains of users on social media seriously and it can impact brand’s image negatively.

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