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Customer Orders A Dozen Masks, Asks For A Refund For Receiving 12

| Published on March 25, 2021

The saying – the customer is always right – should not be followed blindly at all times. This incident happened to the owner of Zada’s Vault, which features clothes, accessories, and customized face masks for its customers. Starting out as a small business owner, customer satisfaction has always been her priority. However, this customer might have created some issues for her but she thankfully tackled the whole incident with a lot of patience.

Zada received a rather unfortunate email from the customer claiming that she only received 12 masks when she ordered a dozen. You might be wondering what’s wrong here? Clearly, the customer wasn’t aware that a ‘dozen’ equals 12 units.

An anonymous user shared screenshots of the email conversation. Here’s how it looks.

The customer believed that ‘dozen’ was pronounced as dub-zen, where dub means 2020. She needed 20 masks and was hoping for the same.

Thankfully, Zada handled the incident quite professionally. She was willing to offer the customer a $5 coupon since she couldn’t refund the amount. She stated that the number of masks provided was in-line with what was ordered. But since she did not want the customer to be disappointed, she wanted to extend this token.

The customer however was not interested and refused. The company lost out on 1 follower because of this incident. Luckily, this thread has now become viral with more than 5000 likes and several retweets earning Zada more than 4000 customers against the one she had lost.

Users came to her rescue and supported her stride, congratulating her on handling this issue with the utmost ease. They were definitely amused by the dubzen incident.

As an owner of a company, have you ever come across incidents like these?

Source: India Times

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