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Cricket Fans Are Praising Amul’s Marketing Mind For Sponsoring Afghanistan Team

| Published on June 22, 2019

Marketers are funny people, all they seek is good results and they can even think beyond countries and borders to get those results. Amul is one of India’s most popular brands and has given many reasons to be proud of. Amul is not only famous for its quality products but also for its smart ways of advertising the brand using current events.


Not only this, in some areas of Assam, thousands of milk farmers are supporting the Afghanistan cricket team because of Amul. No, the farmers are not anti-Indian but, they have started to identify the Afghanistan cricketers as their “own team” because of Amul logo.

The reason behind this is The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd, which markets Amul products has organized the farmers in Central and Lower Assam districts.

As a result of Amul’s good work, the farmers have started making a good amount of money. Around 75,000 milk farmers in Assam are working with Amul right now.

With India battling a tough game against Afganistan in the ICC Worldcup 2019, Amul became a topic of the talk. Cricket fans noticed Amul’s logo on the shirts of Afganistan cricket team players and praised Amul’s strategy for advertising.

Here are some tweets proving the same:






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