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Creative Marketing: Kolkata Celebrates fbb’s National Jeans Day With India’s 1st Ever Jeans Street

| Published on December 16, 2018

In a market that is crowded with so many competitors, it can be difficult for brands to remain unique and fresh amongst the customers. Marketers should look for fresh ideas that make the audience connect with the brand’s image. To do so, Future Group’s fashion brand fbb is back again to the internet with a bang.

The Campaign

This year’s campaign is different as it aims to popularize jeans as a category, not by portraying it as a casual item of clothing but one that is essential to bring out the stylish and sexy in you!

To achieve it, East Zone Team in collaboration with Trending Alive, a Kolkata based marketing and Event Company came up with a one of a kind on- ground marketing plan to decorate the adjoining street of Shakespeare Sarani with more than 85 jeans and convert an entire stretch of 600 ft road as the Jeans Street. Interestingly, it is for the 1st time in India when an entire street has 85 plus glowing denim on display.

Brand Speak

“It took us a long time to plan the entire activity, we sat down with the regional team, we selected the most popular designs from their Jeans category to put up for display, it is very important that what is featured for thousands of public eye is screened well. The activity was appreciated by the local authorities and most of all the FBB marketing team knew exactly what the people of Kolkata like..”

quoted Neha Dhingra, co-founder, Trending Alive.

The Buzz

In order to make this Campaign successful, Digital content has been used to highlight the National Jeans Day. Because of the impact fashion bloggers have in the market right now, some of the most popular bloggers across the state participated in the ongoing National “Jeanathon” campaign and created some really cool content. The timing of this campaign also looks perfect to create a buzz right before National Jeans Day, which is on 16th Dec.

To ensure maximum reach, bloggers from Kolkata along with cities of Siliguri, Nagpur, and Guwahati were seen trending on the Instagram feed dancing to the tunes of Fbb National Jeans Day.




In addition to this, fbb has collaborated with Tik Tok influencers who bring out the sexy denim factor. These influencers are seen doing some bold, sizzling and wild dance moves while donning a sexy pair of jeans and challenging their followers to create their moves.

Appreciating the campaign, the local Municipal area head said:

“After the longest Alpana Display in our street, this the next biggest activity, we are pleased to support brands and companies who come up with new ideas of promotion, it promotes our city too..”

National Jeans Day was a huge success for fbb last year and this year’s strategy confirms similar or even better results than the previous one.

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