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This Twitter Thread About Unusually Creative Mobile Phone Designs Back From 2000s Is Going Viral

| Published on November 18, 2022

Do you remember the crazy mobile phone designs in the early 2000s? Weren’t they extremely creative and hi-tech looking? I remember one of my rich cousins getting a Nokia 7600 which looked like something coming straight out of a Matrix movie. It was the smallest phoe launched back then with 87  * 78 * 19 mm as is dimensions.

Today we have a variety of smartphones with the best cameras and features. You get enormous screens and surprisingly unique features. But in the early 2000s, phones seemed to be smarter than today’s smartphones at least when looks are considered.

A Twitter user names Gerry McBride has shared a thread on his account sharing some unique mobile phone designs from the 2000s and we can’t help walking the road to nostalgia.


“Phone design went Catshit bananas”, Do we agree with this statement? Well, we have no reason not to.

The next in this thread is the craziest phone designed till date, at least this is what we think. Users of this phone might be getting a feeling of being an undercover agent of some dead serious mission. I wish these were still available in the market.

“Also yes that is a tag on it like it’s a t-shirt”, Did you really notice that “Nokia’ tag on that phone though?

People reacted to the thread with great excitement and shared some of their nostalgic memories about some amazingly crazy mobile phone designs from the yesteryears.

Looks like the designers of Mobile phone manufacturers were really creative and ready to take daring risks in terms of designs of mobile phones and it really worked.

And talk about their strength and durability. Have you heard the stories of Nokia 3310 falling from a rooftop and not getting even a scratch? It’s not too hard to believe as the phone was really too strong and heavy.

Definitely an indestructible phone with excellent battery life and of course a much simpler life.

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We really miss those ties and we really miss these crazily designed phones of those times. Thank you Gerry McBride for this trip to Nostalgia.

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