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Couple From Kerala Quits Jobs & Now Exploring Entire Country Working Freelance

| Published on April 8, 2021

Every one of us dreams of quitting our mundane jobs and travel the entire world. But the necessity of paying the bills and maintaining a sustainable life stops us to take the very risk required to fulfill our dreams. Above all, many of our families won’t support us either.

A Thrissur couple seems to have been daring to not only dream but to live the dream as well. The couple, Harikrishnan J and Lakshmi Krishna quit their 9 to 5 jobs in sales and graphic designing so that they can take a road trip and explore the country all the way.

The couple’s family supported them completely and with that encouragement, they got into their car to begin their journey.

While sharing their story with CNN Traveller, Harikrishnan said, “Our love for travel resulted in a backpacking honeymoon trip to Thailand in May 2019. We enjoyed the trip so much and started TinPin Stories, our YouTube Channel, as an excuse to travel.”

The couple started their journey with destinations like Rishikesh, villages in Himachal, Hampi, and Chikmagalur in Karnataka. However, in October 2020 the couple decided to live and travel in their Hyundai Creta, they turned their car into a mini caravan where they would sleep, cook, and exploring the country by themselves. They had initially planned to go for an international road trip, but most of the international borders were closed by October due to the pandemic.

Before commencing their journey, the couple ensured to pack all the essentials. They packed 10 pairs of clothes each, cooking essentials, a bucket and mug, and a laptop to edit videos of the journey. They also set a rough budget of 2.5 lakhs for their trip, but so far their expenses have been far lower than the budget as per News 18.

The couple began their journey from Thrissur, Kerala on October 28, 2020.  They first traveled through Karnataka and Maharashtra crossing cities such as Bengaluru, Udupi, Gokarna, Kolhapur, Mumbai. Later, parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Delhi. 

Currently, the couple is lapping in the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. In total, so far, they have driven around 10,000 km.

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