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Content Marketing Lessons To Learn From Netflix

| Published on December 16, 2018

Netflix is the original streaming leader and one cannot deny that. A huge credit for Netflix to become a brand goes to the way it applies content marketing strategies. Even if one isn’t into the media business, there is a lot to learn from how Netflix approaches to content and goes about creating a brand and appeasing the audience.

Here are some ways in which one can learn the tactics of content marketing from Netflix


Building Experience Through Standalone Products

More often than not, Netflix focuses on standalone marketing tactics for each of its show. It is very focused and specific and hence it builds the buzz around that particular product and not Netflix as a platform. Netflix has often taken excellent marketing approaches to extend the experience of the show. For example, to promote its highly anticipated show Black Mirror’s third season, Netflix actually created an app Rateme which was the conflict and downfall of the first episode of the season.

Its to learn from this fact that many a time content marketing is just one single product or a standalone experience that gets people talking and creates an opportunity for engagement and going forth involve with the larger universe.

Original Content

Original content has been almost like a synonym with Netflix. They have always been known to invest in original content, which in return helps them stand apart and market themselves like no other. Original content has been the main attraction and enabled Netflix to garner many subscriptions year after year.

This kind of an investment and allotment of a budget to build unique and quality content is not an attribute to be followed only by media companies, but by any business in general.

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Data is the key

Well in today’s time, almost every brand and business knows the importance of data, but its more important to use that data to its best potential. Netflix uses its data to predict consumer behavior and create a better experience for them. It analyses browsing behaviors, type of content etc to understand what the consumer is interested in and suggest him content accordingly. The suggestion of related content and better consumer experience means the ability to retain the consumer for a longer time, on the platform.

For example, Netflix used user behavior to present and promote House of Cards. In place of the usual 1-2 trailers, for House of Cards, Netflix made 10 different trailers and showcased them basis one’s previous viewing behavior.

If you watched a lot of Kevin Spacey, you saw the trailer that included more of his scenes. If you happened to actively rate and suggest David Fincher’s work as a director, you were shown a different trailer.

How are you using data to steer your marketing content for better engagement, is the key takeout from Netflix’s content marketing approach.

Support Virality

Netflix has managed to find a huge space on the social media and one of the biggest reason is, that Netflix because of its conversational tone that is relevant to everyday affairs has enabled virality of the content.

It is known to provide content that goes well with the social media and enter people’s lives in an easy way

The big takeaway is that focus and make your content viral and social media friendly, help your content become part of your TG’s everyday conversations.

A conversational tone always helps connect better with the audience and creates a loyal fan base.

Netflix’s unconventional methods and forward thinking with their content marketing are the dominating forces of its success. All businesses must learn from it and try and apply these learnings in whichever way best possible.

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