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After Complaints, Apple Fixes Its Bagel Emoji

| Published on October 17, 2018

After so many complaints from online users, Apple has finally released a new version of its bagel emoji with cream-cheese.


People started criticizing Apple after the company first released the new emoji in iOS 12.1 beta 2. While this new release may not please those who prefer bagels with different contents, it does seem closer to what people want to consume.

Designs from major tech companies have been confused on whether to include a filling in the bagel or not. Arguably, a bagel with cream cheese is a different item to simply a “bagel”.

There is a variety of bagel emojis available on various platforms: some are plain and sliced, others have cream-cheese, some also have sesame seeds on top as well.

Twitter design lead Bryan Haggerty shared his thoughts about this:

“We had first started with simply one half of a sliced bagel, which at a smaller size just looked like a brown donut. We quickly moved to realizing the necessity of the cream cheese, both visually and from the perspective of some former New Yorkers on the team,” he said.

Jennifer Daniel, head of emoji design at Google, told in a statement:

“Is there anyone more opinionated about authenticity than New Yorkers and their bagels? Our bagel was drawn by someone who has eaten a bodega bagel before.

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This isn’t the first incident when an emoji is creating problems for companies. Earlier, Google was involved in a similar case which ended after Sundar Pichai himself came in front to talk about the issue and updated the burger emoji.

For those waiting for the latest update of iOS, the 12.1 version is expected to get launched between late October and mid-November 2018 and will be available as a free software update for all iOS 12.0 devices. Apple has not confirmed a release date, so this is only an estimate.

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