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This Company Is Selling “Pure Fresh Air” At Rs 1800 Per Canister

| Published on October 9, 2018

Everything is getting packaged these days and companies are working to sell almost everything. A store at Auckland (New Zealand) airport has been making news for selling “Pure Fresh New Zealand Air” in bottled canisters. While sales staff initially denied the air was being sold there, Airport staff checked the store and confirmed it was.

The cost of 4 bottles is ₹7300. However, are offering a discount of ₹1500, so I guess we should cheer? A photo of the ‘value pack’ cans was shared to Twitter by journalist Damian Christie on Thursday.

According to the Kiwiana website, the company harvests the air “above the snow line” on New Zealand’s South Island. These are also available on the company’s website.

“Harvested on the high ridges above the New Zealand snow line. The fresh air that is captured and hand filled into the Kiwiana air canister is naturally some of the purest in the world”

the website reads. The captured fresh air then passes through a triple filtration process, removing all the tiniest materials.

Each canister contains air for 130 to 140 deep breaths and comes with a specially designed cap that allows inhalation through mouth and nose.

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Twitter came to know about it and most couldn’t believe what they saw:

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