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Company Puts ‘Good Family Background’ As An Eligibility Criteria & Netizens Explode With Disbelief

| Published on September 9, 2021

Finding the dream job can be a difficult task in today’s time. People make their best efforts from drafting the perfect resumes to giving the most impressive interviews. But it still is never clear if they will actually get the job they so much desire.

The high standards some of the companies set while selecting someone even for an intermediate level becomes difficult to match up to. ANd to be honest, they are at times unrealistic. Like for a fresher-level post, some companies ask for prior experience.

It is as absurd as it sounds. Or even offer less than minimum pay to someone with a master’s degree. We have all had the experience to interview for such a company.

However, a recent Reddit post has highlighted something unthinkable a company would put up in the eligibility criteria for their job posting.

The post shared a screenshot of the ‘Candidate Profile’ that the company had issued and it is hights to all absurdness. Take a look a look at it yourself.

As per the post, the company had mentioned that they are looking for someone with a high level of personal integrity and a ‘Good Family Background’.

As soon as the screenshot was shared, people flooded the post with opinions. Many were shocked to realize that this is something a company had posted for real while some found it hilarious to the core.

Many people were astonished by the job post. And many even shared their own experience when being asked about the family background in detail for a job interview.

While many companies do conduct a reference check to verify the educational and personal documents shared by the candidate some even go for a criminal ref check.

However, the way this company’s HR had made an absurd request in the job post has left people wondering if this is an accepted behavior of the companies today or not.

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