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Company Purchases Blank Ad Space For Rs.5 Lakh. Here’s Why

| Published on December 23, 2019

There are so many examples of awesome uses of ad spaces by various brands. We witness amazingly designed advertisements published on big hoardings by the side of the road, every day. Advertisements are a part of our lives, now.

Not just the roads, we see ads, literally, everywhere on the internet. Want to watch a video on youtube? Get through the ad, first. Reading a blog? There will be ads on the page, for sure.

But, have you ever seen an empty hoarding? On one side, brands are making all the efforts to create a perfect advertisement on the eve of Christmas, there is this agency in Canada (Halifax) that purchased ad space for around Rs.5 Lakh and left it empty as a gift to people on the special holiday.
Reports say that while the company was busy brainstorming ideas for the hoarding, they formed a really new one and decided to keep it empty.

“The first and most striking visual that came up in the concept phase was a giant blank white billboard, but then from there we realized this concept of giving people a break from ads actually works quite well in most media,”, Flynn said.

“We started to think of it kinda like AdBlock but in real life and so we tried to book media that can’t typically be blocked.”

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