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Company Paying Rs 16 Lakh To Travel Countries & Attend Parties

| Published on January 21, 2020

What are the basic things that we look for in a job? Good work environment, handsome salary, incentives, and professional growth. Right? But what about adventure, parties, and travel?

Well, here’s a surprise! A UK based company is paying Rs.16 Lakh a year if you are ready to travel to different countries and become a party tester! Wohhoo!

Travel For Rs.16 Lakh? Why Not?

Everyone tries to plan their wedding in the most perfect way but we all know some or the other thing remains unfulfilled. GoHen, the party organizers in the United Kingdom, has pledged to not let anything left out in the making of a perfect wedding.

They are hiring such people who can travel from country to country and have enthusiastic knowledge of parties. This full-time job not only provides free travel but one must share their experiences with different spas, hotels, and clubs via Vlogging. Through all these activities, the person’s work will be to help brides and her maids to arrange the most fun parties!

Job eligibility does not need a college degree. The requirement includes being fun, creative, hunger for adventure and fire to party!
“We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best bridal send-offs in the industry. So, to make sure we meet our high standards, we need an experienced partygoer to head to our destinations and test the latest hen party activities and try out the local party scene so we can keep ahead of the curve”, said Steve Roddy (Director of Operations at GoHen).

If you are interested, you can fill the form and tell them why you shall be chosen. The salary is Rs.16 Lakh per anum and the last date to apply is February 28, 2020. Hurry Up!

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