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Company Offers “Hangover Days” To Attract Younger Employees

| Published on December 15, 2019

With the rapid increase in industrialization and globalization have you ever wondered what are the measures adopted by companies to stand out in the market? Living in the 21st Century what techniques can actually boost the confidence and interest of their employees in their work?

Company Offers “Hangover Days” To Attract Younger Employees

In an interview with BBC, Ellie a nineteen-year-old working as a PR Manager for a digital marketing agency The Audit Lab based in Bolton and the work experience she has had with her boss Claire Crompton who is also the director of the company along with the co-founder Frame revealed the following.

Hangover Days

It was found that her company lets them take hangover days in which they do not have to go to the office. They can simply inform a day before and do their work from home. This not only boosts the morale of the employees but also makes their work less monotonous and also promotes honesty. But this advantage is only meant for people who do not have kids.

Company Offers “Hangover Days” To Attract Younger Employees

This year I have taken two hangover days when I went out with my friends, and I’ve taken three from when I’ve been out on work nights.” Ellie said in an interview. On reviewing this technique, it was found out that it has a very positive impact. People have been very respectful and never miss important client meetings or take too many offs.

Drinking on Christmas Party

Having alcohol at social events can have both negative and positive aspects. Four out of ten managers said it can cause work problems, low productivity, too much absenteeism, poor decision making and disruption in the operations, but it can also have a positive effect on morale and can promote team bonding.

At some business events, liquor is free of cost while at others they charge a minimum fee with no limit. According to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, it was shown that 84% of the official work place’s social events have alcohol.


Ellie shared her experience when she was out of a date with her partner and had too much wine. She returned home late and the next morning she was not able to wake up on time. So, rather than lying and pretending that she is sick, she was honest and told the truth. This didn’t embarrass her at all.

Flexibility outweighs all

Flexibility is the best measure a company can adopt to boost the morale of its employees. It makes work easy especially in months like December. However, promoting hangover days doesn’t really mean promoting excessive drinking.

Thus labeling it as “hangover days” is not very encouraging. Sometimes the job itself requires taking clients out to increase networking and alcohol becomes a part of it. Thus hangover days are being promoted so that they do not feel restricted or have to leave the events before-hand only to make it on time to work the next day.

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Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-50731781

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