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Company Offering Females Extra Pay to Wear Skirts To Work Faces Criticism

| Published on June 3, 2019

A Russian company is facing heavy criticism online for offering female workers extra pay to wear skirts or dresses to work. The company is calling it as part of a “femininity marathon” and an attempt to help with “team bonding”.

The campaign is being run by Tatprof, an aluminium manufacturer, till June 30. The company, a supplier for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the 2018 football World Cup, told the Russian media that 60 women had already taken part and rebuffed accusations of sexism.

Female staff who wear a dress or skirt “no longer than five centimetres from the knee” are given 100 roubles (1.19 pounds) on top of their normal wages – with the firm saying it is an attempt to help with “team bonding”, the Independent reported on Friday.

“Women must send the company a picture in order to get the bonus,” the company said, noting that its team consists of 70 percent men.

This sparked heavy criticism among social media users as people are calling it a “horrible treatment of women” and said the “1950s are alive and well and living in Russia”.





Anastasia Kirillova, who works in the company said the idea for the campaign came from CEO Sergei Rachkov.

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