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This Company Is Offering 72 Lakhs If You Manage To Live Without Your Smartphone For A Year

| Published on December 15, 2018

We all the transformation world has seen after the technology has emerged. Our lives have become dependent on the products we use and most of the things we do today involve the usage of smartphones. Now, what if I say you not use your smartphone for a day? Manageable right, but imagine that you won’t have the facility of using any smartphone for as long as a whole year. Why I am talking all about this is because a company is actually offering handsome money for this.

Vitaminwater named brand has recently posted on Twitter that if you can live without your smartphones for a year, you would be receiving 100,000 dollars, which is approximately equivalent to 72 lakhs in INR.

You will be given a 1990s era phone, which has only the basic features like phone calls and texts. There will be no access to social media networks and the Internet. If you can manage to do this even for 6 months continuous, you get 7 lakhs. Well, that’s a pretty good deal considering the amount of hard work one has to do these days for making such a big amount. Users on Twitter seems to think similar, see some of the responses they gave.

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Are you someone who can live without a smartphone for a year?

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