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Company Gifts Employee Land On Moon For His Hardwork

| Published on April 7, 2021

Has your professional career been fulfilling enough to land you places? Well, this employee got a land on the moon especially for his hard work by this company in Noida. You might even consider this better than a bonus or an appraisal!

For all his hard work, Iftekhar Rahmani literally got a ‘Chand Ka Tukda’ working for AR Studios in Noida. The company is dedicated to artificial intelligence and is a software development brand by nature. While working here, Rahmani also dedicates his time working at the Luna Society International that is known to sell lunar real estate.

Apparently, he is great at his work and the company felt that his dedication was worthy of a land on the moon. Hence, they bought the land, especially for him to dedicate the piece to his endeavors so far. He hails from a village in Darbhanga and has definitely come a long way from where he belongs.

This new piece of information was shared by his family members who were overjoyed to get this news. This is a feat that no man has achieved and he is definitely lucky. His family distributed sweets amongst the villagers to commemorate his achievement.

They are definitely ecstatic at the news and we are sure Iftekhar will reach further heights through his hard work in the professional space. It is also delightful to see how more and more companies in India are helping their employees receive due appreciation for their efforts.

What do you think of this company’s gesture?

Source: India Times

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