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These Companies Have The Most Unique Working Rules For Employees! Lucky Are The Ones Working Here!

| Published on August 1, 2017

How many times you wake up on a Monday morning and feel ‘Oh no! office again!’? You just don’t want to start another weekday working and working till you get exhausted enough to the weekends. Nowadays the name of corporate sectors gives a chill down any one’s spine. Such is the work pressure.

But not only the humongous work that creates a fold on the forehead of the employees but there are several other issues like reaching office late due to traffic, getting late for a conference and to attend office meetings even when you are sick enough. But as days are changing so is the working pattern. Several companies exist that gives its employees so much freedom that you must feel that they are luckiest people on this planet.

We bring to you a list of such wonderful places where working doesn’t feel that way.

1. Philips (Gurgaon Branch)

Don’t drop your phones! In Philips Gurgaon office there’s a rule that if you can’t find the parking of your vehicle you can leave the office and work from your home. They believe that searching for a place in the parking lot is tougher than working from home.


2. SAP Labs

Bengaluru based SAP Labs is one of the most reputed corporate offices in India. It has a very attractive and flexible working hour for its employees. For them, productivity matters more than the timings. Whatever work you have if you complete the work in a particular time, you can leave. There’s no fixed office working hour as such. The employees can also work from home once in a week and even more if their project managers confirm and approve.


3. Future Group

Mumbai traffic is something to deal with seriously. It’s a terror in the life of every employee and Future Group, a Mumbai based Retail Company well understands that. The employees are free enough to decide their own working hours. They can come between 8:30 to 10:30 and can leave after working for 8 hours.


4. Pricewaterhousecoopers India

The global consultancy firm believes that the working gets better when employees are satisfied and happy. So while they setup new office branches they find suitable locations in the city such that the employees can have a work-life balance. Now as they have decided to open a new branch in the National Capital Region, the company is looking out for a suitable location in Noida. They mostly setup office at commercial areas.


5. Coca Cola

They have introduced something called ‘Flexi’ working hours to help the employees to get rid of traffic woes. The working starts 30 minutes before 8:30 and lets them leave by 5:15 on clock thus avoiding peak traffic hours.


6. KPMG India

They allow people to work from anywhere be it the employee’s home or the client’s home. But there’s a rule that they should complete the work by time and the project managers should not have a problem. Their objective is to increase productivity by letting the employees enjoy work as well as life side by side.


7. Microsoft (Hyderabad)

Now, this is a dream company for millions of people. But are you aware of this awesome working rule that Microsoft has? The Hyderabad branch has company owned buses and cabs that give free transportation service to the employees. The women employees are benefitted more as the cab drivers are registered with the company and are highly monitored.


8. Infosys

Now, who doesn’t know this name? The tech giant in the world of corporate offices also allows free transportation to its employees. They also have cycles on the campus. Pune branch has something more interesting named as “Ab Bus Karo” where they are encouraged to take company buses to the office. In Bengaluru, they are asked to travel by cycle. Interesting isn’t it?


9. Bacardi And Other Gurgaon Based Firms

Bacardi, Ericsson, Samsung, and Amway, which have their headquarters in Gurgaon, have promoted several ways to make their employees feel comfortable. Public transport, flexible timings and encouraging people to work from home are some of the ways.


10. RVCJ Media

If you are looking for fun and working then this is something where your stop should be. The company gives employees flexibilities in work timings and locations. You can choose anywhere and anyway to work from. You can learn more and maintain a good work-life balance. Just a rule that you have to show your perfection and zeal for the work!


Well, these companies are a perfect example of the new face of the environment-friendly corporate culture. Time is changing for a better working environment.

Do you know any other working place that is so cool to work from? Let us know!

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