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Companies Firing Employees For Supporting Pulwama Attacks On Social Media

| Published on February 18, 2019

Pulwama Attacks have made Indians on social media super active and people are sharing opinions on this incident. As it happens on social media every time, mostly there are comments of Indians opposing Pakistan but there are some you are favouring what happened and expressing their happiness on social media.

Companies are having an eye on such employees and several have already lost their jobs for posting anything anti-national on their personal Facebook or Instagram accounts. Online users have been quick to report such accounts to their employers, who have, in many cases, terminated them.

Iqbal Akhoon had replied on a post and said that “This is called as real surgical strike.” He worked with German Remedies, a division of Zydus Pharmaceuticals, who suspended him immediately. “While handling social media, it is expected you behave responsibly,” the company told him in his suspension letter.

Riyaz Mohammad Wani, who worked for Macleods Pharmaceuticals, posted “This is called surgical strike” on Facebook after the attacks. Screenshots of his comments were sent to his employer, who sent him a notice asking him to explain his actions. Also, he was warned that if he couldn’t satisfactorily explain his comments, he’d be fired in 7 days.

Papri Banerjee, who worked at Icon Academy Junior College, has also been suspended for a social media post. She justified the killings of the CRPF jawans as “karma”. She said that the army raped women, killed children and in Kashmir. After the college came to know about this, she was suspended. “You are put under suspension with immediate effect until the matter is resolved by a competent authority,” her suspension letter said.

Apart from these cases, several FIRs have been already registered against social media posts made by online users in praise of the Pulwama attacks. Some students in college campuses have also been suspended. We request our audience to be sensible and post things that don’t hurt anyone.

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