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Cockroach Found In Indigo Flight;Charged Fine

| Published on January 8, 2020

Indigo is one of the leading airlines in India. Most people prefer to fly with Indigo for the services they offer. But, this time it all got messy when a passenger found a cockroach in the flight that was flying from Pune to Delhi.

Consumer Forum charged a fine of Rs.50,000/- to the airlines for the unpleasant experience that passengers had to confront. Not just the experience but the ignorance flight attendants showed at knowing the problem.
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Cockroach Found In Indigo Flight Seat Pocket!

Two passengers named Skand Bajpai and Surabhi Bharadwaj who reside in Pune filed a serious complaint against Indigo in Consumer Forum. They mentioned their displeasing and uncomfortable experience during their journey with Indigo.

Bhardwaj was the first one to witness a cockroach in the seat pocket in front of her. She booked this flight for Rs.8574 and disapproved of the sight. When she approached an attendant and mentioned the problem, she was told to e-mail the issue rather than being helped with its clearance.

On the other side, as Bajpai was injured, after many requests to the representatives in the airline, he was provided a wheelchair that should have been a priority call for the attendants.
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Indigo Charged Fine And Asked To Refund Ticket Amount To Victims

The complainants mentioned that they asked for help many times but were ignored constantly. The forum quoted, “It was the responsibility of the airline to clean the flight. Insects like cockroaches can spread communicable diseases. When the passengers pointed out the substandard service, it was the airline’s responsibility to address their issue to make sure that they did not face physical, mental and financial harassment.”

Indigo was asked to refund the full ticket amount to these passengers along with Rs.50,000 compensation for the hardships they faced during the flight.

Every time you think you are not getting the service worth the money you paid, do not hesitate to stand for it! Money doesn’t grow on trees. :/

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