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Club Owner Lashes Out At Self-Proclaimed Instagram Influencers

| Published on April 6, 2019

An “Instagram influencer” might sound just fun and no work, while it isn’t exactly that but it is glamorous enough to get you a stay at a luxurious hotel beside a beach and that too free of cost. Excited? But before that, we need to think about this alluring and elegant job a bit more.

Beach Club and hotel owners are now sick of Instagrammers asking for free food, drink or accommodation. You heard that right.. so if you think to be an Instagrammer Influencer is a cake walk, think again!

This incident at Siargao Island, Philippines will answer all your questions..

Enough is Enough!

White Banana Beach Club owner, Gianluca Casaccia, is fed up of the Instagrammers who think they are entitled to all kinds of freebies in exchange for Instagram Posts. Annoyed by the commonly used phrase in his mails: “I am an influencer”, the 40-year-old decided to take action against them. Mr. & Mrs. Casaccia have received about 100 of such mails asking for free accommodations since the time they opened their cocktail bar overlooking the turquoise Philippine Sea.

I’m coming from the 25th to the 27th. We need three beds and food and accommodation”, a random ‘wannabe influencer’ demands this in exchange of content instead of money. This offended Casaccia so badly that he took to Facebook and in the post clarified that his beach club is not interested to “collaborate” with any self-proclaimed “influencers”. The post surprisingly enjoyed more than 11000 likes, 3,000 shares and nearly 700 comments.

Reaction to the post

Many appreciated Casaccia’s attack on Facebook and also someone in the comment section went on to call these influencers as the “new age beggars”, whereas on the other side, some defended these entrepreneurial travelers explaining that if someone has the capability to offer something on the table, it’s never a bad thing to try.

In a reply, Casaccia clarified that White Banana Beach Club was not against “real influencers” and that even he had reached out to some of these in the past. He calls these people as “wannabe freeloaders”.

One wasn’t enough!

Another example similar to this is about the Jashita Hotel in Tulum, where they had to face such an overwhelming number of inquiries from ”influencers” over the past six months that the hotel has stopped working with them.

She was utterly annoyed with the continuous proposals of the so-called ‘influencers’ for free amenities in exchange of social media posts. She went ahead to unleash the reality that the influencers ‘actually’ don’t write anything, they just post one picture which further leads to more requests from influencers.

Well, we can’t be totally irrelevant to the rage of Mr. and Mrs. Casaccia when they have been respectful towards the profession and stood against the ‘ones’ who take advantage of the profession and only seek luxury instead of producing original content for the audience.

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